LMBM - Minnie Winnie

After we decided that we were going to get a camper, the fun started.  It’s basically car shopping but for something that you really don’t have a clue about – Pop ups. Class A. Class B. Class C. Trailers – What the…

We soon educated ourselves on the different types of RVs and settled on a pull behind camper trailer.  Everyone thought we should have purchased a Class A but here’s why we chose a trailer:

  • We can unhitch the trailer and take the truck wherever we need to go.  There aren’t any concerns about having to take a giant motorhome to the grocery store!
  • The dishes and other personal items will clank around while driving and we don’t have to listen to it.
  • Our living space and driving space are completely separate.  This was important for us since we’re going to be on the road for a bit.

Before we made a firm decision on what we wanted, we went to the RV Show in Denver to check out the various models and types of RVs.  We highly recommend going to the RV show!  This is a great opportunity to get hassled by sales people but also check out just about any type of RV that’s out there.  Ironically, we never checked out the Winnebago Minnie Winnie or any Winnebago for that matter when we went to the show.

There you go!  We ended up getting a Winnebago but it wasn’t that easy.  After going to the RV show and quite a few other dealerships in Colorado, we ended up at Trailer Source in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  The day that we went to Trailer Source, we were at another dealership and had an OK experience.  Upon rolling in, we were greeted and were left alone to explore (YES!).  After strolling around the lot for about an hour, we decided on a Coachmen Clipper.  It was time to go inside to haggle with a sales person… Yay…

The negotiations started but this experience wasn’t like any other.  There was some witty banter, friendly teasing, more banter, and then more banter, and then a price.  Somewhere between the bantering, we looked at some other campers and of course, they were more expensive.  We talked some more numbers, got some prices, and went out to lunch to get some much needed food but also to make a decision.  It felt like we were on a HGTV show trying to figure out which house to buy.  We enjoyed our meal but most importantly, we made a decision.

We got the more expensive Winnebago Minnie Winnie!  Here’s why:

  • It’s red!  If you can’t see this coming down the road, you might need to have your eyes checked.  Also, it will be easy to find at the RV park.
  • Tandem axles.  This is one of Shea’s favorite features.  Not only is the camper stable while in motion going down the road, but they also create stability while parked.
  • Better construction quality.  The other brands and models seemed so flimsy and felt like you could punch through the wall.  Or get blown over by a light gust of wind.
  • Winnebago is a household name.  Everyone has heard of them.
  • The sales team (Samantha and Lisa) at Trailer Source were great to work with.  They were personable and very accommodating to our stupid questions and the need to take a look at campers multiple times.

We have reached the point of no return.  This thing is really going to happen!

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