The truck is completely full (cab and bed) and the camper is about 80% full. You can immediately see that the truck is heavy and the camper is forward heavy. This is going to be a long and slow drive back to Minnesota!

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Wednesday – T-Minus 2 days to departure

Look at all that snow… We didn’t think that we were going to make it out of Denver. It snowed Tuesday evening and almost all day Wednesday.  As you can see, the truck was buried! If the truck was buried then the camper was too. By the way, we needed to pick the camper up on Thursday in order to leave town on Friday. Fortunately, the Trailer Source team was amazing and ready for us on Thursday!

We spent a good hour or so unburying the truck from the snowmageddon that fell upon us.  There was a short moment where we were going to leave and grab some food but quickly realized that we wouldn’t get our parking spot back.  There were already a few people that were parking in the street at 45 degree angles like complete idiots because the city hadn’t plowed.  Instead, we finished brushing the snow off of the truck, walked to get some Pho, and then a beer at Comrade.

Thursday – T-Minus 1 day to departure

We picked the camper up, did some pre-packing (filled the cab and bed of the truck, to the top, and the belly of the camper) and parked it for the night, across from the apartment behind the brewery and auto part place. All because our apartment neglected to do proper snow removal.  Luckily, Erin is organized and had us prep everything and put almost all of our belongings in the garage.

After packing, it was time to celebrate.  We had a small going away party at Comrade.  You could say it was our last hurrah but it was more of a “we’ll see you later” type of celebration.  After Comrade, the night wouldn’t be complete with a little Sonic.  Ok, there was quite a bit of Sonic, including an order of 24 boneless wings.  Let’s just say late night Sonic wasn’t such a good idea…

Comrade Going Away Party
Friday – Departure day

It’s Friday!  Time to pack the remaining items, say a few goodbyes and then hit the road.  Glenda and Steph came to wish us luck but also bring some much needed coffee and breakfast.  After taking a few pictures and exchanging a few hugs, 8 o’clock came and it was time to go.  This is where all of the good things come to an end.

Leaving Denver

First of all, as we are leaving the apartment complex, I scrape the camper on the garage because I parked too close.  I forgot that when you turn a trailer, the backend swings out.  Now there’s a nice little scrape on the top of the camper.

Secondly, we gave a brief tour or the camper to Glenda and Steph before leaving.  I forgot to lock the camper door and put the handrail away.  Yes, we started down the road with the handrail out for someone to hit during morning traffic.

Thirdly, we stopped to get gas and noticed that we had 3 out of 4 stabilizer jacks.  Luckily, it didn’t fall off but it wasn’t installed prior to taking delivery of the camper.  This is getting resolved by the awesome folks at Trailer Source.

Long story short, we had a last couple days in Denver, got to hang out with some of our awesome friends, and departed in style with some minor hiccups.

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