LMBM - Getting Ready and Prepping the Camper

Since arriving back home in MN, we had been in packing mode. It had been a series of measure twice, buy once (and sometimes twice) for everything from shelving to cords to bins. Within two weeks we had packed pretty much everything into the camper and had everything installed that we needed to get us on the road.

The organization started out by basically making a tornadic disaster out of my parents’ basement as I went through everything we owned deciding what was coming with and what would be stored. We already had much of what we needed (or so I thought) but I was also making a list of what we needed to purchase. Much of what was going into the camper was right in line with what I had been daydreaming about since we initially purchased our camper back in January. As I started my list of items to make this a livable space, Shea was creating a list of all the gadgets we would need to make everything work properly – more on that below.

We have outfitted the camper with items to both keep it organized as well as make it our own. Since the interior is on the darker side, the first thing I did was go for bedding to lighten it up. After adding decorative pillows and some laminated posters, it feels like home rather than just a home away from home. The only thing missing were the family pictures I planned on putting on the refrigerator… because it isn’t magnetic – who knew?!? Okay, well Shea knew, but it was fun to watch him roll his eyes as I still bought magnetic frames while dismissing him telling me it wasn’t magnetic.

Now that we have officially spent our first night in the camper, we quickly discovered that a few small adjustments would be necessary, which spurred another trip to Target today. Given the amount of planning and packing that was done in advance, I feel that the minor adjustments that were made were right in line with expectations and far less frustrating than I had anticipated.

So what all did we need to buy to make this happen? Well, below is a condensed list of all the goodies we had to purchase.

  • Additional wheel chocks
  • Battery voltage meter
  • Two new 12V marine deep cycle batteries
  • Supplies to put the above batteries in parallel
  • Longer cables for the solar panels
  • Trailer Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp
  • Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Extra drone blades
  • Memory card for said drone
  • First aid kit
  • Ear plugs
  • NOAA weather alert radio
  • Extra fire extinguisher
  • RV sewer hose kit
  • 15M/30F AMP PowerGrip Adapter
  • Pour over coffee maker
  • And more…

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