LMBM - Leaving MN

Today we hit the road on our way down to Texas, bright and early at 10am and we actually left on time! Sam, Courtney, and Chace (dog) came to wish us farewell. It was a long day of driving, about 8 hours, and we made it to Kansas City. I know, not that far… But when your max speed is 65 mph, you’re only going to go so far. Also, lugging a 19’ trailer into winds straight out of the south impacts your gas mileage a bit too!

Here are a few observations about our drive:

  • I really like driving the speed limit or below it when towing the camper. Since I need to go the speed limit, so should everyone else 🙂 I’ve never been passed so many times in my life!
  • Driving into a headwind the entire day (10-20 mph) doesn’t help your gas mileage. Today, we averaged about 9 mpg.
  • Surprisingly, semi drivers can be nice. Especially, when you’re towing something. The little headlight flash saying you’re clear helps.

Our first night in the camper

We got everything setup without any glitches! That includes leveling the camper, stabilizer jacks, power and water (filter, 90 degree adapter, and pressure regulator). Once we got into the camper after our 8 hour trip, this is where the poop hits the fan – the one casualty was in the bathroom. One of the cabinet doors came open and everything was all over the bathroom floor. Good thing the floor is only 3 square feet.

We quickly got used to the small space, raised up the HD antenna for our giant 19” tv and watched some of the local news. Apparently, keeping the post office open for tax day was a pretty big deal. As the evening passed, we hopped online and watched a little TV – a little relaxation after a long day. It was interesting sleep in a bed that is encompassed by 3 walls. This will take some time getting used to and I’m pretty sure that we’re both going to take turns and try sleeping next to the wall from time to time.

The next morning

The next morning is also where the poop hits the fan. It’s time to pay up and take some showers. This RV park only took cash or check. Fortunately, we had some cash and not that big of a deal. It’s time to shower and we opted to test out the camper shower even though we could have used the showers at the RV park. I turned the water heater on (electric) and patiently waiting 15, 20, 30 minutes, and the water was luke warm, ice cold, and hot within a matter of seconds. OK, let’s try turning it from electric to gas (propane). Still the same… This is where we learned our lesson about turning the water heater on well before taking a shower.

At least we were both awake after taking a cold shower… Time to hit the road!

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