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Alright friends… you’ve asked and we’ve listened (weird for us, right?! I know!) Since many of you don’t have all sorts of time to troll our site to read our blogs, we will send them right to your email. Our goal all along has been to do one a week, so hopefully you won’t feel like we are flooding your inbox. So with that said… on to the newest post!

LMBM - Into the south

After spending lots of time with our friends in Texas, we started to head east along the southern part of the states. We left the company of Craig and Rae Anne around 10:30 and were able to make it to Lafayette, Louisiana by mid afternoon and get set up. We stayed at a great RV park tucked into the beautiful countryside between the city proper and St. Martinville. The park was surrounded by sugarcane and St. Martinville looked like it came right out of a movie.

IMG_9689After working around some minor flooding/standing water on our site, we were hooking back up to hit the road again; this time on the way to Plantation Alley. Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Plantation Alley is situated right on the Mississippi river and hosts some of the most beautiful homes we’ve ever seen. While touring Oak Alley and Houmas House we couldn’t help but think of all the men, women and children who suffered to make those homes and grounds possible. While slavery was acknowledged and condemned by those working at these homes, there were still phrases like “free labor” and “the owners were generous” that made us cringe.


This is also where we did our first black tank emptying. Needless to say, this is always going to be a less than pleasant experience, but a necessary evil if you choose to travel the country by way of camper. As we were working through this process for the first time, I (Erin) wanted to be a trooper and help out so I could learn and so Shea didn’t have to do everything himself. And in the process, wouldn’t you know, the hose wasn’t as secure in the ground as I thought and I got pee all over my arm (insert gagging noise here). It isn’t nearly as cute as your nephew peeing on you as a baby while changing his diaper – this is why antibacterial soap and bleach were invented.

The plan was to move on to New Orleans after Plantation Alley, but based on the forecast and looking at the radar, we decided to bypass it until this winter. The stormy weather seems to have been following us from the start, but that was to be expected while traveling this time of year. We made our way to the Pensacola area to satisfy our need for a little beach time. While there wasn’t a whole lot of sun, there is an abundance of gorgeous white sand… and we still managed to get some sun kissed skin; aka, the freckles are out in full force!

Navarre Beach RV Park

For families looking to visit the Pensacola area, we couldn’t recommend where we stayed more. The Navarre Beach Campground was far from what the name leads you to think. It was incredibly clean, freshly painted and very much family friendly. They have RV sites, tent sites and little cabins that you can rent. The staff is very friendly and is constantly patrolling the grounds using golf carts making it safe and constantly picked up. For the price, it is way better than staying in any hotel along the beach!

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