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Wowza – it’s been awhile since we’ve posted! Many awesome adventures have been had between our last post and now. We are having a blast and getting pretty good at this whole RV’ing thing if I do say so myself! The little red Minnie Winnie is still a conversation starter everywhere we go so we are getting better at explaining what we are doing in a shorter amount of time.

Since writing last, we have been through northern Florida, Savannah and Atlanta seeing great sights and even better, great friends along the way. After leaving Navarre, Florida, we made our way to Tallahassee only because the second grader inside of me really wanted to see the state capitol. For some reason, I was always infatuated with seeing it some day and for the life of me, I cannot remember why. I’m sure I had to do some sort of report or something on it as a kid and it stuck with me. So, we saw it, drove around the town a little more and that was that!

Tallahassee State Capital

After our brief stint in Tallahassee we made our way to Jacksonville for a few more days of beach life. Thankfully, my friend Tammy gave us a wonderful list of things to do in the area so we didn’t blow through it as quickly as we initially anticipated. In fact, the list has enough to do that we still have some more to see when we roll through again in the winter! We wandered out to Talbot Island for the morning and took in a wonderful walk along the beach. It was beyond beautiful, easily rivaling some of our past favorite beaches in the world. After a nice little picnic lunch near the beach, we made our way up to Amelia Island and immediately earmarked it for snowbird/retirement living. It has a charming little town, adorable houses, a beach, history and amazing sunsets – what more could you ask for!

Beth and ErinOur next stop was Savannah – a destination that has been on the top of our list for quite some time. Not only were we excited to see the great little city that we have heard so much about from other travelers and friends, I was so excited to catch up with my college friend, Beth. When we arrived, we got settled into our campsite and headed straight into downtown to knock out a few “must sees” and get a little walking in. Later that evening, we met up with Beth to celebrate her birthday and in true Beth style, the evening was a blast! Did you know that Savannah is like Vegas in that you can walk around with a to-go cup from the bar?!? I didn’t! Beth and her brother, Mark, let us be super tourists and we grabbed a beer from a rooftop bar just in time to watch the sunset over the river before heading out to check out a bunch of other local spots. The next day we headed a little south of where we were staying to the smallest church in the US. We were expecting an old structure with some history and we got a newly constructed tiny building made of cement blocks. Ha! So, if you are ever in the area and think you may want to see it… don’t. After that we headed back to the city to wrap up what we hadn’t seen the day before and ended up walking the entire city for a second time. On Monday evening we got to head to Beth’s house for a wonderful home cooked meal of Shea’s choice (tator tot hot dish). It was so much fun to catch up – it was like all these years never went by and we picked up as usual. For anyone who knew Beth in college, they would know her love of random late night runs to anywhere fun and that still holds true today – we made a midnight run to Waffle House for Shea’s first visit to the restaurant 🙂 Love that girl!!

After hanging out on Tybee Island for our last day in the area, we were packing up to head to Atlanta. If anyone is looking for a long weekend get-away, we would highly recommend Savannah. The city is clean, walkable, full of great food and great people and so much to do.

Shea at CNN

Next up was Atlanta – the insanely busy city. When we thought we were going to hit the road, Atlanta was one of the first stops on our list, but since our timing changed so did our path. But, we finally made it to this great city and it wasn’t for a work function. My fabulous boss/friend, Ryan, gave us a list of places to see while in town so we were eager to once again deviate from online and guidebook searches. While we are not big downtown/big city people, it was worth a trek into the city to see the olympic park, CNN and most importantly the Civil Rights memorials and museums. We first went to the Center for Civil and Human Rights before heading to the MLK National Site – both were incredibly well done and preserved. The whole time we were reading and experiencing the exhibits we were frustrated, humbled and grateful that there are places like this for young people to learn how to not repeat history.

GBA VisitThe next day was one I had been looking forward to since leaving Businessolver – we were headed to meet up with the wonderful gals from GBA. Susan took us to the iconic Mary Mac’s for some delicious southern food and we left with stuffed bellies and dessert for later. We were able to spend a lot of time catching up and having a wonderful time. (We missed you, Lee! But we’ll be stopping again this winter so hugs are still coming your way!!)

Even though the weather is hot and sticky in Georgia, we were so excited to get on our bikes for the first ride of the year. We found an amazing trail just outside of Atlanta called the Silver Comet that runs into Alabama. It is part of the Rails to Trails program and they did a phenomenal job. After breaking in our tushies for a year of riding to come, we headed to Kennesaw Mountain for a hike on the trails through the historic Civil War battle site.

We are on a bit of a work detour at the moment and will have more on that in our next post so stay tuned!

Keep sending notes our way about what to check out in the mid-west as we make our way north. And a bit thank you to all of you who have texted, left us messages, etc. along the way so far! We miss you all, family and friends, and are so glad to have you in our lives even from afar!

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