LMBM - Viva Las Vegas

A week ago we took a short break from our road travels to fly to Las Vegas for the ServiceNow Knowledge16 conference. The place we were staying at in Atlanta was fabulous about getting us set up with dry storage for the 5 days we would be gone and it went even smoother than we could have imagined despite the absurdly early flight time. We did try a little experiment with the RV while we were gone… while in dry storage there wasn’t access to electricity, but there was some food that we didn’t want to throw away.  Did you know that RV fridges run on electricity or propane!?  However, in order for the propane to work, the RV needs to be level.  In the early hours of the morning, around 5am, we had to level the camper twice (we needed two sets of leveling blocks), and turn on the fridge. There was a lot of uncertainty but nothing that we couldn’t live without if it didn’t work. The propane tank was about half full and guess what, the fridge and freezer were still running when we came back!

It was fabulous seeing all the Rockies and Minnesota SN folks and meeting all the others Shea has talked about over the past few years. Even better, Shea met his new Alcor team and they were so welcoming (to me as well!). It was a blast watching Alcor put on a great customer event and watching Shea beam as he talked with old and new customers alike.

Shea, Glenda, and Erin at StarbucksSince we were staying at the Luxor, we took the opportunity to make the short walk to the Las Vegas welcome sign before meeting Kretsch for lunch. After that, it was pretty much all conference for Shea. We were, however, able to fit in a few jaunts down the strip to check out the fountains at the Bellagio and all the crazy that came with Vegas at night. And to top it off, we squeezed in one last Starbucks run with Glenda! 🙂

It was very exciting to be in Vegas, have a giant hotel room, and a real bathroom, but we are very excited to be back with the Winnie and hitting the road again!



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