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I’ve been so excited to write this blog for months now, but I was waiting until we were in the gorgeous surroundings of Tennessee – and we’re here! Other than knowing that I get to travel around with my wonderful hubby and partner in life, there have been some outside influences that helped me finally say ‘yes’ to going on this fabulous adventure. Yes, our friends and family’s encouragement certainly helped, but this shout out is to some musical influences that others may brush by. It might be that I’m a Pisces and they tend to be drawn to music but I have NO musical talent whatsoever, so I probably just got the music appreciation part of the sign – ha!

Since I first heard the song “Baby Girl” by Sugarland back in 2004, I have loved everything they have put out. Sugarland albums have been a backdrop to my life for just about 12 years; for everything from road trips to cleaning to running and most important… walking back down the wedding aisle to “Stuck Like Glue” as a newlywed!

Something More” is the one song that has stayed with me (and usually gets stuck in my head at least once a week) for all this time and is a constant reminder of why we are on this adventure. The song is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy life; especially for those of us who get so wrapped up in work that we forget to unwind. In fact, my favorite lyric of all time comes from this song; “I believe that happiness is something we create.” Love, love, LOVE this song!!

Don’t get me wrong, I feel proud of the work that I have done and am lucky to have met all sorts of fabulous people and mentors along the way. Many of whom have caught me at my dancing at my desk with headphones in 🙂 It is because of all the hard work we have put in that we are able to take this time for ourselves to relax, explore, learn and live on our own terms.

And now to the extra fun part of the story – the guy behind the music that helps inspire my life – Kristian Bush. Many of you know the amazing and beautiful voice of Jennifer Nettles (love her too!) but the guy in the background has a talent all his own. The other half of the Sugarland duo has also kicked off a solo career and, go figure, his music has captured me all over again. After a mother-daughter trip to Nashville last February, my mom and I braved a ridiculous ice storm (crazy even for us Minnesotans) so she could surprise me with tickets to the Ryman Theater to see a series of artists performing as part of something called Sam’s Place. My awesome mom knew of my love not only of Josh Turner, who was also performing, but she had a sly grin when she told me that Kristian Bush of Sugarland would be playing. Needless to say, I was sooooo excited! That night he played a song that made me beam with excitement as we had already begun planning our trip – “Trailer Hitch” – an instant anthem for our trip after hearing it. ← take a listen!

Needing a little break from reality later that summer, I discovered that he was coming to Colorado for a concert and it was just the event I needed to look forward to. Since we hadn’t been to the Buffalo Rose before, I had no idea what we were in for and I was jazzed to see that it was a tiny venue so we were front and center for the whole show. It was so much fun being able to dance and sing along to all the songs throughout the night. The best part by far was when Kristian himself called out Shea during the interlude to “All I want to do” (I’m laughing just thinking about it!!) – asking if he drove a big truck since we were in Colorado. Being Minnesota transplants, of course we had a Subaru, but he continued by asking if it was a Prius, and finally a bike since his answer was ‘no’ to all the above – ha!

We were hoping to catch his show in Memphis, but we will have to catch him in Ohio since our Nashville segment is taking us to the Opry and the CMA Awards! Woot Woot!

If you haven’t checked him out yet, give Kristian Bush’s music a shot – it is wonderfully positive music and you’ll see why I love it so much! And of course, keep listening to Sugarland… because, duh! 🙂 And on the off chance that this makes it way to Kristian himself – a big thank you for all you do – #nevergiveup

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