LMBM - Heading north

Well, it seems it’s becoming the new norm that I’m late in writing these… but I’m writing it now so that counts, right?!? We last left off with our time in Tennessee and from there we started weaving through Kentucky. Our first stop was at the famous Mammoth Caves – the National Park one… not all the surrounding entrances. If any of you have either read or seen anything about the caves, you’d know that they have a great history in how they came to be a tourist destination. While the caves themselves are expansive and fun to tour, the tour guide (park ranger) was wonderful and did an amazing job explaining everything from the formations to the landowners’ rights – it was fascinating!

Muhammad Ali Center 2016

Muhammad Ali Center

And while the caves were cool, they weren’t quite captivating enough to keep us in the middle of nowhere, so we headed north and landed in bourbon country. We aren’t really bourbon drinkers, but it was fun to tour a couple distilleries and learn about the process and craft that sets each of them apart. To beat the heat, we headed into Louisville to tour the Muhammad Ali Center. It was so moving to see all the memorials to him and all those gathered in his honor. The exhibits themselves were fantastic and the infographics were so cool – we could have spent a whole day reading everything they had. After Kentucky we made a quick trip to Cincinnati before heading to Indianapolis.

We made it safely to Indianapolis and crashed Eddie’s (Shea’s bestie) beautiful new place. It was great to take a mini vacation from our trip to literally hang out and not do much of anything. We had a great time getting to hang out and discover Indiana with the best guide around. We even took a little day trip down to Bloomington to check out IU’s campus (it is beautiful by the way) and a great state park for some awesome drone flying. It was a blast watching Eddie light up while he made his first flight. While we were there, we even got to meet a friend of Eddie’s who is the professional combination of both Shea’s and my dreams – she is fabulous! Katie – we can’t wait to hang out again!! A big thank you to Eddie for having us… we miss you already!!

After Indianapolis we headed north to South Bend to check out Notre Dame and the surrounding areas. Notre Dame’s campus is beyond gorgeous – it had us second guessing our college choice, that is until we found out what the tuition costs were. Eek!! The next day we found our way over to Shipshewana to check out Amish country. They actually have a pretty great informational center to discuss the spectrum of the Amish faith – well worth checking out if you are unfamiliar. It was fun watching the horse and buggies roll through the town and checking out all the homemade goods. The route to and from Shipshewana is filled with RV manufacturers which was cool to see – there are no shortages of RVs that’s for sure!


Hello from Michigan!

Welp, now we are in Michigan and LOVING all the gorgeous weather and nice cool breezes coming off of Lake Michigan. We’ve been leisurely wandering up the shore while taking walks along the beaches and getting some amazing photographs. We even climbed the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes to catch some great views. Pro Tip: wear shoes, sandal or even socks while climbing scalding hot sand… we learned the hard way – HA! Mackinac Island has always been on my list of places I wanted to see and it certainly didn’t disappoint. This tiny, carless island is surrounded by amazingly blue water and filled with great little shops and restaurants. Not going to lie, the abundance of horses made for an interesting day of allergies, but it was a really great day none the less.

Next up… Canada and crossing the UP back to our old stomping grounds in Duluth, MN!

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