LMBM - 15 - Break Time! Back in Minnesota

Happy Friday everyone!  If you’re following us on Facebook or Instagram, you already know that we are hunkered down in Minnesota for a while before we hit the road again.  We are mainly back for a wedding but we’re also taking advantage of the time to catch up with friends and family, make some RV renovations, and relax a bit.

We can honestly say that we’ve become accustomed to our RV lifestyle.  When we settled back into the guest bedroom at Erin’s folk’s place, we had a hard time getting used to a bedroom and regular bed again.  However, it’s nice having our own bathroom (especially when your wife has the stomach flu of a lifetime)!  It’s rather interesting how you adapt to your surroundings.  In the RV, you learn that everything has it’s own place and when you’re done using something, it goes back into it’s space.  When you have some extra room, things sprawl and before you know it, you have a mess on your hands.

While we’re back home we are also making some modifications to the RV and truck.  Here’s our list of to-do’s while home:

RV dinette layout/modifications – 40% complete

  • Removing the entire dinette set
  • Building a bench seat to replace the table and seats
  • Reinforce the bed platform
  • Replace fabric on the window valances
  • Modify cupboard window glass to match new valances and bench seat fabric
  • Remove spare tire on the bumper and install a bike rack instead

Truck bed layout/modification – 50% complete

  • Build a platform for the truck bed to provide storage space for two under-the-bed bins
  • Paint the platform
  • Put some sort of rubber mat on the top of the platform
  • Build small storage boxes to flank the platform and fill openings in the front and back of the wheel wells
  • Mount spare tire on the platform
  • Install mounting points to hold down cargo

Some new gadgets and gear – Always in progress :S

  • We finally got a new GoPro! We had the Hero2 and then Prime Day came along… We are now sporting a GoPro Session.
  • More USB cords for charging various items
  • New camera gear:
    • 24mm fixed lens (purchased used)
    • Polarizer filter
    • Lee filter ring

Website updates – 10% complete

  • New theme (look and feel)
  • New logo
  • New layout
  • More travel information (miles driven, states visited, etc.)

Potentially, our first video… – Pending

  • We are planning on adding video to our updates.  With the all of the gadgets and devices that we have, it should be pretty easy.
  • Funny story, I was trying to create an intro video for the RV renovations and… it didn’t go so well and Erin couldn’t even watch it.  I sounded like a news anchor mixed in with a used car salesman.

I guess the title of this post was a little misleading… Break time is over, time to get back to work!

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