LMBM - 6 Weeks in MN


Well, we are back on the road and back to adventuring! Since we were in Minnesota for about six weeks we figured we’d update you on the happenings while we were back home. While many days were filled with traditional work and relaxation, we were able to cram in a lot of wonderful family time along with some camper and truck renovations. We started out by landing back in Virginia, MN to visit Shea’s family and we were even successful in surprising (okay, scaring the crap out of) Shea’s grandma. We even wound up with a couple new flamingos to decorate our campsites. From there, we made our way to the cabin to surprise Erin’s mom with our homecoming… and boy did it work! Sense a pattern here?! After some lake time we headed back to the Twin Cities to get to work on our renovations before my baby brother’s wedding.

While on the first part of our journey, we were getting acclimated to life on the road and certainly life in the Mini Winnie (Little Red) and we found that a few modifications were needed in order to make things run a little smoother on the inside of the camper. Our thinking started out by wanting to simply shorten the dinette style table and morphed into wanting to rip the whole dinette set out and build a bench instead. And we are SO glad we did! We also knew that we wanted to lighten up the space by adding lighter colored elements to keep it from feeling small due to the darker wood color. And so began the projects…

Since we have never remodeled a camper before, we called in some reinforcements to make sure that it was done right. Lucky for us, our nephew’s Bonus Dad and our friend, Chris, was willing to come help us out. We are so thankful to him – he brought expertise, great times, a willingness to be on GoPro (ha!) and even after working a full day he was willing to come over and work some more with us – we are seriously blessed with some great people in our lives.

Check out these before and after shots to see what we did!

IMG_1274And then comes the truck improvements. Before we left Colorado, our dear friends Steve and Shane talked with us (over amazing pizza) about truck conversions and RV life so we know they would be proud of the new truck bed addition! (We miss you guys!!!) Since Sam (Erin’s brother) is also a woodworking master, we wrangled him into building a platform with Shea to help organize all of our gear. It was perfect timing since he was building all sorts of stuff for his wedding. Now all of our gear has a place, an anchor and a purpose – woot woot! Since we lost a little bit of height with the platform, we moved the bikes to a Saris Freedom 2 hitch mounted carrier on the back of the camper; which will hopefully encourage us to ride a little more often since maneuvering the bikes won’t be as cumbersome.


In between all the renovations we had all sorts of wonderful family time including a wonderful country wedding. While Shea and I chose the quick and simple wedding route, I was impressed by all the adorable little details that Courtney painstakingly planned for their wedding. We loved seeing the kids (and adults) all dressed up and having a great time. We were even lucky enough to bring Little Red on a little field trip down to Ben and Lauren’s to have a great lake day and sleepover with the munchkins.

We can’t thank everyone enough for their hospitality, generosity and love. It was so nice to be home and since it will only be a couple months before we are back for a quick wedding weekend, we can say see you soon rather than later!!

PS – We also launched our new website… if you haven’t noticed 😉

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