We may have been a little too enthralled with staring at the changing leaves that we kept putting off writing this to keep everyone up to date on our adventures. We last left off with our fantastic time in Canada and we’re picking up with our time in the Adirondacks. We made our way down the west side of Lake Champlain to a great campground right on the lake with views to die for. The first night we were there, the water was like glass with amazing views of the hills on all sides; we were even tempted to take the paddle boards out but figured we’d get hypothermia if we fell in. In the chase to see some amazing fall colors, we wandered up to Lake Placid for some photography and light hiking. And since we are super nerdy and cliché, we rented the movie Lake Placid and soaked in every one-liner Betty White could deliver.

lmbm-ben-and-jerrysAfter some super steep hikes in the Adirondacks, we loved the opportunity to sit in our cozy truck seats and drive up to Vermont – one of the most beautiful drives of our lives. We were lucky enough to stay two nights at a harvest host location right in the middle of all the great fall activities Vermont has to offer. Vermont has a surprising amount of food related places to visit and who are we to skip these tourist traps?! Thankfully, they were wonderful – starting with Ben and Jerry’s. After taking a short factory tour, we piled our freezer full of delicious pints of ice cream heaven and have been enjoying them since. Next up was the Green Mountain Coffee Company (think Keurig) where we were planning on just grabbing a great cup of coffee and hitting the road. Much to our delight, we ended up hanging out with a great group of RV’ers on the Fantasy RV Tour Company’s Autumn in New England group. And a special shout out and thanks to Bob and Kathy for introducing us – you guys are awesome!!  We took the afternoon to stroll through Montpelier – what a great little city. For a capital city, everything was incredibly laid back and quaint. Overall, we loved Vermont and would go back in a heartbeat!

Our time in New Hampshire was even more beautiful than Vermont and was fantastic right from the start. We headed out from our sweet spot in Vermont and headed down to St. Gauden’s National Historical Site to see the artist’s homestead and gorgeous replicas of his work. From there, we headed into the White Mountain National Forest to see Kelly and Micum. We intended on boondocking at lmbm-kelly-and-micum-new-hampshiretheir house considering we were totally crashing on them but being as amazing as they are, they put us up for the whole time we were there, complete with being a landing place for our Amazon packages. While Shea and I are totally cool hanging out by ourselves, but given the opportunity to hang out with awesome friends we are all about catching up, laughing our butts off and having an awesome time. We got to share some delicious meals, awesome stories and even a bonfire with some marshmallows – it was the perfect way to spend time in the mountains in the fall. They even told us about this amazing pancake place called Polly’s Pancakes – if you are ever in the area it is a must go! While we were there, we sat at the counter and ended up chatting with an awesome new friend, Richard from Boston.  Along with stuffing our faces full of awesome food, we got a few hikes in and plenty of fall foliage photography (say that three times fast) before heading out. Thank you so much again, Kelly and Micum, we can’t wait to see you again on the road – you pick the place!!


Next up was Bar Harbor, Maine for some breathtaking views from the mountains in Acadia National Park and a belly full of lobster fresh from the sea. We have been to the ocean on a number of occasions but it was incredible to sit and watch the tides change and we were fortunate enough to do so right from where we were staying. First up on our to-do list was getting up earlier than any human should so we could see the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain – the first place in the US to see the sun. While we figured that there would be a group of other crazies up on the top of the mountain, we weren’t expecting the roughly 300 or so folks who were there. On the bright side (ha. ha. ha. see what we did there?!?)  we captured some amazing moments with the multitude of cameras we had with us. Acadia was beyond beautiful with different views from all over the park and surrounding towns and harbors – pictures simply don’t do this place justice. And as mentioned, we stuffed ourselves full of lobster caught fresh from just off the coast and loved every bite, but the price tag… not so much! Speaking of things with a heftier price tag, we went on a whale watching excursion in hopes to get some more great photos. Unfortunately, the whales were being shy so we didn’t get to see them, but we’ll go back to try again someday. On our last day in the area, we hiked the peaks on a gorgeous day – we couldn’t believe that we lucked out with the weather along with the amazing views. The hikes were fairly easy (even with sinus infections – yuck) and the views from the top were spectacular – 360 degrees of colorful fall leaves, beautifully blue water and boats weaving in and out of the harbors. While we were at the campground, our neighbor needed a ride to the hospital for some back pain so we brought him into town – we know fellow RV’ers would do it for us if we needed and we were happy to help. And thankfully we ran into him again down the road and heard that it is slowly getting better. We hope you continue to heal, Robert!!

lmbm-ll-beanThe rest of Maine was a bit of a blur on the way to Massachusetts but we did get a few good stops in. First up was Boothbay at a great little Harvest Host brewery with the nicest group of people and some pretty great beer as well. We even took a stroll downtown and wandered out to see a lighthouse or two. We left pretty early the next day to beat the rush of people who were coming into the town for their autumn festival in favor to be super cheesy and hit up the L.L. Bean flagship store and giant boot. And of course, we hit up the Kennebunk area and were in awe of the seashore and natural beauty of the area. Despite the drizzle filled day, we made the best of it and still walked along the shores, ate more lobster and even took in a movie.

And our next blog will catch you up on all of our Boston adventures – it’s a pretty great city so we’ll have a lot to fill you in on! Until next time!

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