Every time I sit down to write our blog, it feels like homework… but the fun kind like The History of Film where you have to sit and watch movies and then write a paper on what you learned. It might be because I’m reliving all the fun stuff we have done along the way, or it might be due to the fact that I am always streaming Netflix when I do this simply for the background noise! Either way, the technical writing and storyteller in me are always in conflict so you get a mix of babble and “I’m bored, they get the point.” So, her goes another one!

LMBM - All things BostonLast time, we left off  making our way a little south to Boston. As we have been traveling, we found that we usually don’t love big cities, partly because driving through them scares me half to death (which is always super fun for Shea) but mostly because they typically don’t live up to the hype. However, when it comes to Boston, we can’t say that – it was a great week all around. We stayed in a southern suburb that was equal distance to Boston and Cape Cod so we could take in the busy city life along with the natural beauty of the cape. We started out by heading out to Plymouth and then continuing on to the National Seashore. Cape Cod has been on the bucket list for quite some time with hopes of seeing the rolling sand dunes and ocean beaches for miles and it was worth every second of the single lane drive out there to see it. The next day, we avoided crazy Boston traffic and jumped on the train that dropped us right in the South Station so we could wander by foot and take it all in. We did what pretty much every other tourist in the city does and walked the Freedom Trail – lmbm-boston-freedom-trailit was beyond cool. First of all, there is a brick line that weaves throughout the city so you can’t get lost (big win for Shea, who can get lost pretty much anywhere) and the amount of historical sites along the way is astonishing. Since walking the Freedom Trail involves so much walking (shocking, I know) we figured that we earned the delicious Regina’s pizza we demolished along with the Sam Adams we washed it down with. As we were doing some touristy things, we also ran into another tourist/YouTuber, Nomadic Fanatic (Eric Jacobs).  We did a quick introduction, said hi, and then we all went back to touring. To top the day off, we had to do the most touristy thing of all… that’s right, we went to the Cheers bar – ha!

The next day we wandered out to Martha’s Vineyard after a little debate because we would have been good hanging out on Cape Cod some more, but we figured since we were there that we should do it. While the island is beautiful we weren’t really wowed by it. I’m sure if we had been helicoptered in and stayed in a mansion like all the television shows portray it might have been cooler. We, however, are your average people so we spent most of the day waiting for buses and ferries. However, we did have an awesome highlight to our day out on the island. While waiting for a bus, we met some new friends, Carl and Amy, who had also spent the day waiting for buses and ferries and struggling to find open restaurants. They were on a road trip of their own in the same area as us so we were able to swap some recommendations and had an overall awesome end to our day on the island!

The next day was a little swamped with meetings, but since we were lucking out with such great weather we made sure we made a trip to the local cranberry bog. Not thrilling to most, we know, but it was so much fun to see. Not only are cranberries a large part of the area’s industry but the families who run the farms are part of the charm that makes up the area. We visited Flax Pond’s bog where they were in the middle of harvest but still took time to give tours and explain the difference between their manual method and the larger growers who flood their bogs in order to water harvest.


Before heading out of the Boston area we headed into downtown one last time to have some more amazing food and see the city without the hustle and bustle of a weekday. There really is so much to do and see in this Coffee with Richardcity – we will definitely be back. Our last stop was easily one of our favorites… we headed to Concord to meet another new friend from our adventure! As mentioned in our last blog, we met Richard while devouring some short-stacks in New Hampshire and we were fortunate enough to get to meet up with him again while we were in his neck of the woods. We had a great stroll around the Old North Bridge and a great cup of coffee in town along with some great conversation. We love meeting awesome people on the road who become fun friends, giving us great memories of our travels. Thank you for a great morning and send off, Richard!!

Next up was the smallest state in the country – Rhode Island. We ended up staying at this great little Harvest Host that is both a Christmas Tree farm and a winery – super random combination but great views to wake up to nonetheless. After chatting with Carl and Amy we knew we had to hit up Watch Hill and we were so glad we did. The beach was incredibly beautiful and fun fact, Taylor Swift’s house is at the end and way bigger than the nearby lighthouse! We also wandered around Providence to see some points of interest that date back to when this country came to be – a charming little capital city.

From Rhode Island we hopped a flight and headed back to Minnesota out of Connecticut for a wedding and some fun family time for just a short few days. We got to spoil the kiddos rotten and even catch a lunch with Shea’s mom… and a belly full of apple bars from my mom! Yum! While we were home we were having the camper looked at for a few things that needed a little TLC. Once we got back and picked it up we found out that the parts are going to take a little longer than we thought so we are in detour mode at the moment. We decided to make a quick pivot down to Philly to avoid the impending snow, see some friends and check out some more amazing sites.

Erin and IvanaWe rolled into Philly and landed at an awesome inner-city RV park. Basically, a giant parking lot but with the added bonus of having hookups and really close to the city by shuttle; oh, and a shower with really hot water! We wandered through the city and made our way through the hoards of middle school kids on field trips to see everything from the Liberty Bell to Ben Franklin’s final resting place. And yes, we did Art Museum stairs just like in the Rocky movie. Although, I’m pretty sure that Rocky didn’t stop at Whole Foods for an after-lunch dessert before running those stairs – oops. To top off the must-dos in Philly, we enjoyed deliciously rich cheesesteaks from both Pat’s and Geno’s. And as usual, the best part of the trip was meeting up with Ivana for burgers and beers. She actually makes me miss working in the corporate world ☺

From there we made our way to both Delaware and New Jersey to add some check marks on our list of states. When trying to plan for Delaware, we found it a little difficult to come up with an abundance of things to do, but we stumbled upon the Hagley Museum – site of the original DuPont company. The site and everything about it was fascinating and so much fun to see. I’m sure that Delaware isn’t high on your list of places to visit, but if you are in the vicinity we would highly recommend it. After touring some beautiful homes and gardens we made our way to the Garden State. We landed a beautiful and wonderful Harvest Host stay in the middle of their farm country and ended up with some great wine. To be honest, we never thought of Jersey to be a producer of great wine, but we are happy to say that we found some of the best! We even made our way to Atlantic City and we’ll be the first to say that it isn’t really our scene, but we were less than impressed. We would much prefer to hang out in the countryside, so that’s just what we did today.


This might be the first time we have a blog current to the day it was written – nailing it! Tomorrow we are off to the DC area and as an added bonus we get to hang with our new pals Carl and Amy!

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