Not a pity party but an update on our current events.

It’s December, we’re home early, our trailer is still broken and it’s in Connecticut…  For that past 3 weeks, Little Red has been in the shop getting fixed up and waiting for new parts.  To be more specific, here’s what’s getting fixed on Little Red (under warranty):

  • Inside LED lights – 80% of our lights were starting to burn out or had completely burnt out. These had to be reordered.  The wrong ones were sent.
  • Awning arm – The left awning arm (the back of the trailer) wouldn’t retract completely.  This allowed the awning to move back and forth while traveling down the road.  Eventually, this could cause the awning to stretch or eventually rip.  This had to be reordered due to the manufacturer sending a dented product
  • Bathroom door frame – The bottom of the door frame either got a little wet or due to traveling down the road, the veneer started splitting exposing the “wood” underneath
  • Range cover – The hinge tab (that’s what we’ll call it), made out of some sort of metal, snapped one day while lifting the cover.  A trusty zip tie was the temporary fix
  • Outdoor range vent – The plastic hinge broke.  Gaffers tape did a wonderful job holding it place while traveling down the road and at night to prevent rattling while sleeping
  • Lastly, two new axles – The camber on the right tires was off causing abnormal wear on the outside of the front tire and the inside of the rear tire.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not send a quality product and this had to be reordered; over Thanksgiving week.  This is the point where we had spent a week in a hotel…

We are happy to be home where we have reliable access to showers, power, internet, and the opportunity to catch up with friends and family.  The trailer is in Connecticut, winterized, and still waiting for parts.  The goal is to head back at the end of December and pick up where we left off; heading to North Carolina!

On a positive note, we’ve been to 25 states so far!  We’ve reached the 50% mark!  We still have a lot to see and some warm weather ahead of us.  As I write this, it’s 17 degrees outside…

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