We left off the last blog post with our first night in New Mexico, one of our favorite places to spend time. We typically stay in a variety of places ranging from RV parks to National Parks to commercial parking lots, but Carlsbad was our first opportunity to try out some BLM land now that we were further west. Per usual, we were greeted with a spectacular sunset and incredible views. We spent the night next to the Guadalupe Mountain range and woke up to the sun breaking over the horizon. The next day braving the Carlsbad Caverns National Park along with what seemed like the rest of the state. Big Bend wasn’t the only place hit by spring breakers, the caverns were flooded with people looking to escape the foggy and cool weather as well. The caverns themselves were extensive and beautiful. We were thankful to arrive, tour and leave early based on the parking lot and streams of traffic as we headed out to find a place to stay that night. Since we were ahead of schedule by a day or so we didn’t have concrete plans but we stumbled upon a great Escapees Co-Op where we could boondock for a few nights. We were greeted by the friendliest residents and invited to the first ice cream social that we took part in. We expected to stay a half hour or so but ended up mingling with people for over five hours!


The next day was filled with meetings and work along with a few errands, thankfully we had excellent internet and plenty of solar to keep everything at full charge. To break up the work week, we spent Tuesday exploring Roswell with Ms. Georgianne who was on her way to the Escapee’s Escapade – we are so glad she detoured to visit us! The town of Roswell itself isn’t anything too grandiose, but we had a blast being cheesy with all the UFO and alien craziness spread throughout the town.

Even though we loved staying at the Co-Op, we headed out on Wednesday morning to make it across to the White Sand Dunes National Park. Crossing the Cloudcroft area mountain range took a little longer than expected, but it was a beautiful drive. The view of the sand dunes from the mountain range was incredible; after rolling through evergreens all around a stark contrast of white sands emerged in the distance – so cool! The delay also put us into Alamogordo’s pistachio farm just in time to FaceTime with the kiddos back home – they thought the largest pistachio was pretty cool! The next day was spent exploring the National Park, and as with Carlsbad, it was good that we started out early to try to avoid spring break crowds. The dunes seemed to go on forever and our favorites were the ones that haven’t been walked on, the ripples from the wind were beautiful.

Since we were all full of sand and have been boondocking for the last week, a nice soak in a hot spring sounded like heaven so we headed to Truth or Consequences. Yes, that really is the name of a town! We scored a spot at Elephant Butte State Park with unbeatable views of the Rio Grande and surrounding landscapes. We headed straight to the Riverside hot springs and hung out in the peacefully quiet waters for a few hours.

In preparation for our upcoming time in Utah, we decided to hunker down in Albuquerque in order to make sure we had the gear we needed to survive without a Target for almost a month – ha! We have been to Albuquerque before and explored the area then, but there were a few places that we wanted to check out again in between our errands. The best errand we ran was a trip to Discount Tire for some fancy new trailer tires – woot woot!

We couldn’t pass up a chance to stop by Santa Fe for a quick visit on our way north… we love this city! Our new friends, Bob and Marilyn, told us about the campsites at Cochiti Lake and we were so happy they did. We ended up with a site with an amazing view and barely any neighbors for $10 per night! We spent the next day wandering around all our favorite spots in the city and even a new one. We met up with our friends, John and Nadia, to check out Meow Wolf, formerly known as the House of No Return. It is a crazy interactive art exhibit unlike anything we have ever seen before. We absolutely loved it!

After another work filled day, we headed to the Bisti Badlands in northwest New Mexico to meet up with Joe and Rhonda Hendricks to start our adventures through Utah. The badlands were akin something straight out the Flintstones and the road to get there was the same! We made it to our spot for the night with everything in the camper intact – for real, the road was that crazy! We took a great hike out into the middle of what seemed like nowhere, to check out all the unique formations and watch the sunset. Later that night, Joe woke up and took the bad ass photo (click to give it a like on Instagram) used as the header for this blog. While I hope he sleeps through the night one of these days, his talent sure is appreciated!

After a quick trip through the corner of Colorado, we made it to Moab where we will pick up our next blog!

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