For the longest time, New Mexico has been one of our favorite states. Even before we started this crazy adventure, we would go to New Mexico for the epic sunsets, hot springs, and the laid back vibes. Surprisingly, Utah is now a contender for one of our favorite places to go!

We spent the month of April exploring Utah and loved every second of it! The majority of our stays were spent boondocking/dry camping with friends and on our own. We have become very comfortable not being close to hookups and have become excellent at conserving water and using solar. It’s amazing how long you can go without being hooked up to water and power. On average, we can last 5-7 days before needing to dump our tanks and refill. And yes, that means we don’t shower every single day!

It’s hard to describe the beauty that Utah has and sometimes, it’s even harder to take a picture to share that beauty. I guess you’re going to have to go there to experience it yourself! Here are some of the highlights from Utah.


While in Texas, we were in cahoots with Joe and Rhonda Hendricks to do some caravaning and we picked Utah; mainly because this is where Joe was going to host a night photography workshop and it was the earliest they were going to be on the road again. How could we pass up the opportunity to stay up late, learn some new photography techniques, and get some awesome photos!? The workshop was awesome and Joe is a great teacher. I was able to walk away with some amazing photos and learned a bunch of new tips and tricks.

Corona Arch – Moab, UT

Coincidentally, we’ve been to Moab before tent camping but this was our first time with the trailer – no more sleeping on the ground for us! To quickly sum it up, Moab is like the Taos of New Mexico. There is a laidback vibe, decent food, and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. Surprisingly, there’s phenomenal cell phone reception too.

Parks, parks, and more parks…

Utah is home to The Mighty 5® national parks: Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion, and Canyonlands. On this trip, we hit the first four on the list and like we said, there is no shortage of beauty. If asked, I don’t know if we would be able to say which one is our favorite. They all have spectacular views and hikes. Instead of trying to describe each, here’s a quick photo essay 🙂

Exploring the parks!

Kolob Canyons – Zion National Park

Cassidy Arch – Capitol Reef National Park, UT

St. George

Shea replacing the water pump

Sadly, things do break in RVs. This time, it was our water pump. We started noticing some pooling water around our garbage can and in the belly of the trailer. Originally, we thought it might be a loose hose connection but soon found out, after a couple sopping messes, that the front of the water pump (pressure regulator) was cracked. The water pump would slowly drip but over time, you can get a big mess. Ironically, a new water pump was about $50 on Amazon and the pressure regulator was $30. BUT, we were not in a location where we could get an Amazon package. With that, we had to go to Camping World in St. George where the water pump was $75! Yeah, another punch in the gut by Camping World… With the new pump in hand, it only took five minutes to install and test. It was a success and we are now drip free.

Lone Rock Beach

We closed out our Utah adventure by boondocking with the Henricks’ again at Lone Rock Beach. The beach itself is massive and you can park your RV there. If we were to estimate, there must have been at least 50+ RVs parked on the beach.

While staying next to the Hendricks’, we had a mission. Winnebago commissioned Joe to take some lifestyle photos of us. A new project for Joe and a new experience for us. We had never been “models” before unless high school senior photos count? We probably looked like a bunch of fools riding our bikes around slowly, poking each other, and having lots of giggles. The day we did the photoshoot was also our one-year nomadiversary. We made it one year on the road! To celebrate, we cooked up a feast, popped a bottle of bubbly, and enjoyed some great company (this was part of the photo session too).

Winnebago has already used some of the photos for their Facebook page and for a press release about us! That’s right, a press release about us but also the towables (trailer) market for Winnebago.  Unfortunately, we can’t share any of the photos that Joe took due to Winnebago purchasing them…

Lower Antelope Canyon

Yes, this is technically Arizona but it was so close to Lone Rock Beach. If you’re near Antelope Canyon, spend the money and go! You won’t be disappointed… The rock formations, the color, and the experience are well worth the price. Fun fact: The canyons are actually underground. To get to the canyons, you walk down some safe but treacherous stairs to see what the wind and water erosion left behind. Again, amazing photos and experience.

Lower Antelope Canyon – Page, AZ

But wait, there’s more!

We did a lot more in Utah but we didn’t want to write an entire novel of a post. In fact, there’s just too much to experience and write about. Some other notable places and things that we didn’t mention were:

  • Horseshoe Bend – Check out my photo on Instagram
  • Monument Valley
  • Goblin Valley
  • Some of our travels through Arizona to get to Utah
  • A quick break and trip to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam
  • New weBoost installation
  • Thinking about getting a bigger trailer

Lastly, if we were to estimate, we boondocked about 25 out of the 30 or so days while in Utah.

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