As mentioned in our blog about our time in Utah, we were contemplating upgrading our rig to a slightly larger version. We were already headed to Denver to see friends and catch a flight or two, but we also wanted to take a look at bigger trailers with our friends at Trailer Source. We’ve been traveling in our current unit (19’ red Winnebago Minnie Winnie) for a year now and thought it might be time to explore bigger options. We were looking at the new Winnebago 2106DS and (21’11’) and 2200SS/2102DS (26’9″) models.

After bumming around their lot and checking out every Winnebago model available, we had plenty to think about before making our decision. Just like Rory Gilmore (that’s right, we went there), we created a Pros and Cons list to determine if we should keep our current rig or get a new one.

Pros Cons
  1.  Bigger bathroom (toilet space and shower)
  2. Slide for bigger living space
  3. Could choose a different color
  4. Warranty
  5. New layout/floorplan
  6. Bigger TV (we rarely use our current one)
  7. White interior
  8. Could get a dinette again
  1. Potentially on the cusp of the truck’s (F150) towing capacity (21’ models)
  2. Slide – what happens when it breaks?
  3. Same size tires for a bigger trailer
  4. Smaller tanks on the 21’ model
  5. Outdoor kitchen on the 26’ models – not practical for us
  6. Not as much practical interior storage
  7. The 21’ model didn’t give us much more space. Also, it’s 6” skinnier than Little Red
  8. We would lose at least $10k by selling or trading in

Ultimately, we decided that the best option was to keep Little Red and do some more modifications. That’s right, another construction project!

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