When it comes to choosing an RV, there are a ton of options: Class A/B/C, travel trailer, fifth wheel, etc… We can’t tell you what’s best for you, but here’s a very quick list of what we were thinking when we chose a travel trailer over the other types of RVs – When we had a travel trailer!

    1. Separation
      We wanted separation between sleeping area and driving area. Whatever option we chose, we wanted a clear separation between our sleeping area and where all of the driving would occur. This is more of a mental thing but after a long day of driving, we didn’t want to be reminded of it.The same could be said while driving. We didn’t wanted to hear the sound of clanking dishes and other belongings bouncing around while driving down the road.
    2. Maneuverability
      With our 19’ Little Red, we can easily maneuver through most parking lots, make u-turns, and even parallel park if needed. It’s also convenient that we only take up two parking spots when we are in a lot. As an added bonus, we have never been to an RV park or campground that has turned us away because we were too big!
    3. The Truck
      Our tow vehicle, the Ford F-150, has plenty of power, four wheel drive and seating for 5 to 6 adults if needed. We can easily leave the trailer behind and go just about anywhere. We feel more comfortable towing a trailer rather than towing a vehicle behind a big Class A. Now, some could argue that with a Class A and a tow vehicle, you have two engines. With that said, if one engine fails, you always have another to get around.
    4. Price
      We did not intend on buying a new truck or travel trailer when we started out on this adventure but we did for two main reasons: warranty and price. Believe it or not, the price of something used was only a bit cheaper than buying both new. Also, you have to worry about what the original owner(s) did or didn’t do for maintenance and general care. When it came down to the overall cost, it was cheaper to buy a new truck and trailer than newer used Class A, B or C. Oh yeah, you still might need a toad too.
    5. The Color
      We’ll be honest, most folks don’t want a bright red trailer. Fortunately, that worked to our advantage and the trailer was on the sales lot a little longer than usual and you know what that means… a cheaper price tag! Regardless, having a bright red trailer does have other advantages too. For example, it’s easier to see on the road or if you’re in a giant parking lot or RV park. It also pops out in photos too.

After being on the road for over a year, we are still very happy with our decision to get a travel trailer. In fact, we’re currently talking about getting a bigger one – a 21 foot trailer. Even after spending half a day looking at new trailers months ago, we still decided to keep Little Red. So much so, that we decided to make some more renovations. In case you missed those, you can see the highlights here – Little Rednovation – Round 2!

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