First of all, this post is super late!  Second of all, we have a lot of new updates.  Hopefully, you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram for more timely updates 🙂

We need to start this post off with a quick clarification! We loved Little Red and was very happy with the Winnebago name and product. Let’s just say it was us and not you Little Red…

Well, it happened (about three months ago) and yes, we are a bit behind on the blog… We decided to sell Little Red and transition into a Class B van.  This is where a few folks will start shaking their heads and immediately say that we are F’ing crazy. Well, you might be right.

In our next post, we’ll tell you all about the new rig but, until then, we’d like to share why we sold Little Red and chose to downsize even more to a Class B van.

Let’s start with the why.  For the past few months, I (Shea) have had some mixed feelings and mild frustrations about a few things.  Mind you, none of these are deal breakers but played into our decision.

My thoughts on not having a travel trailer:

  1. No more hooking up or unhooking the trailer from the truck. Even though we got pretty good at it.  Give us 15 minutes and we could have everything hooked up and ready to go or all setup and ready to kick back and relax.  With the van, we can setup in under 5 minutes!  Park, check how level you are, and boom, you’re done!
  2. Say goodbye to white knuckle rides towing in windy weather and windy roads.  Since selling the trailer, we’ve gone through parts of Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming and let me tell you, having a van is much easier to drive in 30 mph+ winds than a travel trailer!
  3. Sturdiness… In the travel trailer, there was some “give” to the floors and walls.  When walking around you could feel the floor/sub-floor give.  There was one spot in the floor that I felt like my foot would go through if I stepped hard enough.  Compared to other travel trailers, our Winnebago was top of the line.  If you remember, one of our recommendations when looking for a travel trailer is to push on the walls.  They shouldn’t give that much.
  4. We have everything with us at all times. There were numerous times where we would be out and about and see an awesome hiking trail and wouldn’t you know, we were wearing jeans and no hiking shoes. With the van, we have everything with us if there’s an opportunity to do something. As an added bonus, we always have our kitchen and food with us too. Thus, eliminating the need to bring a cooler or pack snacks when we are out exploring. This is super convenient when we are in national parks or places that have cafes that charge a small fortune for a sandwich and a water.
  5. Guess what!? Erin, can drive the van. Ok, this isn’t a dig at Erin, you can ask her! I still do most of the driving but now that we have the van, Erin can comfortably and confidently drive without any reservations. After all, it’s about the same size as the F150.
  6. The van has a lot of built in technology that I didn’t have to configure or modify. It comes with: 250 watts of solar, 2000 watt inverter, plenty of 120 volt outlets, and even USB ports for charging. As an added bonus, it has 400 amp hours of lithium ion battery goodness. That means, we can use our electric kettle to boil water in the morning without needed to run a generator or need to be plugged in. More info on this stuff later!
  7. Lastly, it’s so much easier to stealth camp, moochdock, and overall park anywhere. Since having the van, we’ve been able to stay at friend’s places or nearby without needed to stay at an RV park or campground. The van is a bit more inconspicuous than a bright red trailer.

Now that we have this off our chest, we are super excited to tell you more about the van and share some of the adventures and warranty work (yup, this again) that has happened!


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